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PF-Foto is the photo club at DTU. We are open for both students, employees, Ph.D.s and faculty staff who share our fascination for the photography -- digital and analog.

The club is a S-Huset, under Polyteknisk Forening, student club.


We have two darkrooms packed with equipment for both black/white and colour film processing. Black and white chemistry (developer, fixer, stop, etc.) is free to use, just remember to bring paper and negatives.

We have bought an A2+ inkjet photo printer for the digital developer.

As a member it is also possible to borrow equipment from the club, among others we have an analog medium format camera, a standard 35mm film camera and a digital SLR camera.

The club also have a large studio at our disposal with studio flash equipment and backdrops. Have you never tried to work in a studio before this is quite fun.

Furthermore we arrange events such as introduction to the studio and introduction to darkrooms and black/white chemistry. We go on trips e.g. Copenhagen by night, and we talk and share our photos.


PF-Foto is located in building 101 (entrance E) in the basement behind Kælderbaren. Go right and follow the hallway, our rooms are between ATM and PRG.


If you are interested in becoming a member of PF-Foto you should first note that;

Come by a Tuesday evening, we are normally there from 19.00, or contact the board by sending an e-mail to .